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My Framework

I know what it’s like when the odds feel stacked against you and your brain is spinning in overwhelm. The mountain climb seems so high to reach your goals.


Those whispers in our head … “I just don’t have the time” or “I don’t even know where to start” are loud and they seem like real facts.


My framework BELIEVE, BUILD, BECOME will absolutely help you achieve your goals, even if they seem impossible.


You’ll learn the principles of Believing in yourself, Building the strategies to Become a woman who achieves her dreams.

While every client's journey is a little different, there are always three phases.
Here’s a sneak peek into my signature framework

Believe Build Become Blue.png
Build Build Become Framework
Believe Framework

Start believing in the power of you.
The most powerful words are the words you say to yourself!

Learning how to believe is not about ignoring your negative thoughts. It’s about giving yourself permission to let them happen and to make a decision not to believe them.

  • Learn how to have the courage to believe in yourself and what is possible for you.


  • The path that you will walk on towards your goals, will be based on beliefs that you create, and they will be rock-solid in moving you forward.


  • Learn how to envision your future self. This vision becomes your guiding light forward with full belief in yourself and what you are now capable of.


  • As your coach, I will hold big-time belief for you as you build rock-solid belief in yourself and what you are creating.

Build Framework

Build the foundation to achieve your goals.
Once you learn how to TRULY go all-in on YOU, it’s GO-time.

We’ll use my proven framework to build a customized step by step plan that will feel both realistic and exciting.

  • Build your powerhouse toolbox full of strategies to help you move forward when you are stuck.

  • Build your unique strategies to tackle imposter syndrome, shame, frustration, exhaustion, unworthiness and confusion.

  • Build trust in yourself and build your new identity based on you rock-solid beliefs.

  • Learn the skill to create and sustain the momentum required to reach your ultimate goals.

Become Framework

Become the woman who makes her dreams happen.

You are an ambitious woman who has clear purpose and clear direction for achieving your goals. No more wondering HOW. No more sitting in indecision using up your precious brain space.

  • Become a woman who is clear, confident and capable.

  • Become a woman who doesn’t look at anything she wants as impossible.

  •  Become a woman who knows how to go after what she wants with self-love, self-trust and fun.

  • Become a woman who wrote her new story and who now lives in her new story, by achieving the goals that you once thought were impossible.

Concrete Wall


Here’s the best part of all. The habits you build during this process are sustainable, empowering and fun.


After applying the concepts of my framework BELIEVE, BUILD, BECOME, you’ll not only reach your seemingly impossible goal, but you will also be equipped to confidently tackle new challenges and achieve exciting new goals, time and time again.

You’ll have learned the principles of Believing in yourself, Building the strategies to Become a woman who achieves her dreams.


I’ve helped women all over the world achieve their goals and it would be so fulfilling for me to help you achieve your goals too.


If you’re ready to go after your goals, click the link below to schedule your free Goals Results Session.

Believe Build Become Blue.png

I’m ready. Are you?


Here’s what a few had to say….

"Amanda's coaching transformed me. Initially overwhelmed and unsure why, she revealed how my thinking and information overload weighed me down. She also helped me confront my emotional avoidance. I gained insights and actionable steps to manifest my desires, embracing emotions and discomfort for growth. With Amanda's support, I took risks and made progress I couldn't alone. Her attentive listening and guidance keep me eagerly anticipating our calls. If you're stuck and wondering how to achieve your goals, I highly recommend working with Amanda."

Rhonda, Life Coach – Chicago


Check out my Free Goals Guide, so you can get past the doubt and go after what you were meant for.

Join women all over the world achieving their goals.


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