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You are an ambitious woman who wants to achieve her goals. You want to have courage, commitment, consistency and fulfilment in your life.  


In order to be this way, you need my proven framework, BELIEVE, BUILD, BECOME. 


The problem is your FEAR is holding you back, which makes you feel doubtful or insecure about what’s possible for you. 


We only have one life to live. You have big goals and big dreams, and you deserve to have them realized. 

This is why I have dedicated my life to helping women all over the world achieve their goals with self-trust, self-love and fun! 


My signature coaching framework BELIEVE, BUILD, BECOME  is based on everything I have learned to achieve my impossible goals, repeatedly. 


My clients continue to blow their minds with what they accomplish through working with me. You do not have to struggle to accomplish your goals alone. 


With me by your side, supporting you with premium 1:1 personal coaching, you will have the guidance and high-level mentoring to achieve your goals, even if they seem impossible.

Here’s how my coaching process works:

Step 1

Schedule a Free Goals Consultation!

Let’s have a no-obligation chat and get you some clarity right now!


We’ll talk about what you want, what’s in the way, and how I can help you. Together we’ll create a plan for you to start moving forward towards your goal.

Decide to Go ALL IN on YOU...

We start with a personalized 6-month 1:1 coaching program, uniquely tailored to your goals. 

  • This includes 20 x 50 minute sessions spaced over 6 months on Zoom. 

  • In between sessions, you’ll have email support to keep you moving forward. 

  • Personalized worksheets to help you take your mindset work deeper. 

  • You have me guiding you and with you EVERY step of the way to achieving your goals. I hold some big-time belief in YOU! 

Step 2

Step 3

Make your dream happen!

I promise when you go all in on yourself and learn how to take sustainable action with the new tools and strategies I will teach you, your world will explode with new opportunities. 


This is truly going to feel like a new lease on life. 


You will FINALLY achieve those impossible goals you have been dreaming about. You will feel so proud, accomplished and fulfilled.


I can’t wait to support you to achieve your dreams!

Are you ready to join women all over the world achieving their goals?

Let’s do this.

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  • Why set a goal?
    Setting goals give us a framework to our life. You live in creation mode versus reaction mode. You decide the life that you want to live and then you go and create it on purpose. By setting a goal, you get to discover parts of yourself that you didn’t know where there. Together, we set a clear vision for the woman that you would like to become, and you understand why you are becoming her. When you set a goal with purpose that aligns with the evolution of you, it becomes a meaningful goal. Sometimes we need to process big feelings before we can take on big goals. I’m your witness for this. Your partner in feeling the feels to move forward to that next step of believing you can achieve your goal. Without defined goals, we tend to complain about the life that we wished we had. When you pursue a goal, you gain strategic by-products such as learning more, getting stronger, establishing discipline, understanding yourself, and meeting people - all because you set a goal. This is not a grind to your goal program. This is a be your best friend, understand YOU and build a relationship with yourself kind of program. Achieving the goal is the icing on the cake of finding out how truly powerful you are! You become the woman who sets a goal and achieves a goal without burning yourself out or beating yourself up along the way. You become a woman who achieves her goals with self-trust self-love and fun.
  • What if I’ve tried many times to achieve my goals and I’ve never reached them?
    It is totally normal to think like this. But you’ve never tried MY method and you’ve never had ME as your coach. I've been in your shoes, especially WHEN I learned how to walk again after being partially paralyzed, and when I created a family after experiencing multiple miscarriages while going through IVF. I have achieved the seemingly impossible, and I’ve felt all the difficult emotions along the path to achieving my impossible goals. This is why I have dedicated my life to helping women all over the world achieve their goals with my proven coaching framework BELIEVE BUILD BECOME.
  • What if I don’t know what I want?
    You know you want more, but you just don’t know what. Welcome to my zone. I help you clear out your mind and get you laser focused on what you really do want in your life. We go over all areas of your life and I will help you pinpoint the exact goals you would like to accomplish. I will help you say what you want and not fear what you want. Then we get to work making it happen. Step by step. When you clear your mind from all the stories holding you back, you will blow your mind with what you want and what you will eventually accomplish. We all have moments in life where we need to pause, go back to the beginning and ask ourselves “what do I want and how do I start?” With me by your side – this becomes easy. I guide you every step of the way.
  • What if I can’t invest time and money in myself?
    If not now, when? The time is NOW. No more sitting on the sidelines of your life. You’ll have me every step of the way and you WILL achieve your goals. You always make time for what’s important. Know that you are important enough to make your dreams happen now. 6 months with me will change the trajectory of your life. What is more important than this? In 6 months, you could still be dreaming about your goals OR you could have actually achieved them. Which would you prefer? You will also become an example of what’s possible to your family and friends around you. You have no idea how stepping up to create your life will impact others!
  • How will I know if Amanda and I will be a great fit to work together?
    This is exactly why we schedule our complimentary Results Goals Session. We get to know each other; we talk about where you are, and I ask you about your vision for your goals and life. You can ask me anything and we have an honest conversation about how I can help you get started on achieving your goals now. Your goals are MY goals. I will care about you, and invest in you, because I know what it’s like to want your goals so badly and not know how to achieve them. After I achieved the impossible for myself, I knew it was my mission and purpose to help other women achieve their seemingly impossible goals. I completely understand every emotion you are feeling, and I know you must invest in your mindset now in order to live the life you dream of. There is NO better investment than in your mindset. Your mindset affects every single area of your life. Your mindset is the difference between you achieving your goals or just dreaming about them. This is why I have my own coach and I will always have my own coach guiding and supporting me as I move forward towards my life goals. When you coach with me, you are in good hands. I will share all my experiences, knowledge and training with you. I am a Certified Life & Goals Coach, Certified Strategic Mindset Coach and a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach. I coach women from various backgrounds—executives, entrepreneurs, actresses, coaches, those entering a new life chapter post-empty nest, and stay-at-home moms. If you're a woman wanting more from life, my coaching program is designed for you.
  • What if I don’t believe in myself?
    It is totally normal to think this, and why you need to invest in a coach. I will teach you exactly how to believe in yourself and your goals. The first part of my coaching framework is dedicated to teaching you how to believe – on purpose. The most important person that believes in YOU is YOU! As your coach, I will hold the belief for you until you learn to believe in yourself. Trust me – you will be believing in yourself and your limitless possibilities in no time.
  • What if I lose my motivation?
    You don’t need a coach motivating you. You need a coach who will be honest with you about what you are thinking and feeling that is holding you back. You need a coach that teaches you about the long game and commitment. Motivation doesn’t last. Commitment does. Motivation comes from taking consistent action. I will hold you accountable. You need a coach that will teach you the very best strategies for you to achieve your goals. Your goals are unique, and you need a coach with a toolbox of strategies to get you to that finish line, when your brain wants to quit. I’ve spent years building this toolbox of strategies for myself and my clients. My job is to teach you everything I know, so that you achieve your goals and feel the sense of fulfillment you haven’t felt before. It's not just about motivation and achieving your goals. It’s about creating a life of meaning that lasts. It’s about fulfillment and purpose. Achieving your goals helps you become more of the person you already are. With commitment and purpose, your motivation will follow.
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I work with women worldwide. Here are what a few had to say…

“Working with Amanda as my life coach has been a transformative experience. I have prioritized my thoughts, set new goals, and have embraced self-discovery. I established new ways of thinking that allowed me to embrace a positive and productive life while strengthening my relationships and setting boundaries.

With Amanda's guidance, I expanded my horizons, overcame negativity, and moved my life forward. Her kindness, honesty, and dynamic personality made our sessions so enjoyable. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone seeking direction, fulfillment, and a positive outlook. Her compassion and empathy provided me with the necessary tools to achieve my goals!"

Randi, Event Planner – New York

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